DEEP TANKS BUTOH is a migrant movement laboratory, offering open practices in community settings in churches, public spaces, in parks, on the piers, at the LGBT Center of Staten Island and Stapleton Senior Center.  It all started in 2010 when Deep Tanks Studio opened its door on Staten Island NY.

Deep Tanks Butoh performs in the community at local festivals, in public spaces or in collaboration with local museums such as the Green Market, the Lumen Festival, Staten Island Summer Fest, the Staten Island Science museum, The Alice Austen Photography museum, the Tibetan museum and the NYC Park Department and the Dance Parade of NYC.   

Florence Poulain, its founder, has received multiple grants from NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and NY State Cultural Department to support practices and public performances since 2011. 

Deep Tanks Butoh moved its base of operation upstate Kingston, NY since the Fall of 2015.  Practices took place at the Clinton Avenue United Methodist Church and coordinated a workshop with Master Diego Pinon in April 2016.  Deep Tanks Butoh is in search of a new practice space at the moment. 

For inquiry, please write to 

The gathering of media archives is in progress, meanwhile find some links to presentations. More to come. Thank you to everyone involved in the practice and the offering of these dances and that includes our witnessing audience.  


Video Excerpts.

Deep Tanks  Studio